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Achieve Your
Tribal Business Goals

We work differently

We help Tribal businesses achieve more profit, grow cash reserves, expand, and ultimately, increase Tribal wealth.  

You've developed your small businesses to provide needed services and economic development to your Tribe.  But 30% of small businesses fail by year 2, and only 50% make it past year 5.   

To survive, you must be able to adjust to real world events.  And to thrive you need to look beyond last month's performance––look ahead to the future.

We empower you to make smarter decisions today, that will impact you tomorrow, and beyond. 

We work with tribal boards and CEOs 1-on-1 to bring your financials to life.  We meet monthly to show your performance, and look ahead at your profit and cash––for the next month, the next quarter and the next year.

We specialize in developing living financial forecasts, strategic plans and modern accounting.   We bring the skills of CPA, MBA and executive leadership, to work as your fractional CFO––ultimately saving you money and bringing more value.


We are proud to work with Tribal Nations, supporting their missions of sovereignty. 

Let's work together!

We live in Oregon, and we work virtually with any business in the US!


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