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Build your business, smarter

Increase your profits and achieve your business goals with us. 
See your business––next month, next quarter, and next year.


Your business needs the best.

Small businesses need strategy and insights to make smart decisions, just like big businesses do.   


Our founders have deep experience in nearly every aspect of starting up and running successful businesses and even some that weren't!   We've been there, and we've also worked in those "big companies," doing strategy and forecasting.   Now we bring those methods and tools to small business owners and managers who want to get to the next level, and know they need help.


Head of Forecasting

Kathy Gregory

With over 30 years of experience in business development and management, including financial forecasting, strategic planning and  investor relations, Kathy excels at delivering big business insights to small business owners, and she knows that a little bit of planning and forecasting can take a business from surviving to thriving.

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Lorilyn headshot.jpeg

Head of Accounting

Lorilyn Wilson, CPA

Lorilyn excels at distilling financial concepts into takeaways that business owners find actionable and clear. A proponent of modern accounting, she firmly believes that business owners can find freedom and flexibility with cloud-based accounting solutions. 

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Head of Strategy

Peter Gregory

A former Officer of the U.S. Nuclear Navy, Peter’s career as a business leader began with the GE Aerospace Group, where he focused on software engineering and business administration. Peter has directed numerous start-ups, reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions in a senior management role, giving him unmatched insight when it comes to business management challenges—and solutions.

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IS YOUR BUSINESS profitable?


"Working with Lookahead has transformed the way we see our business."
~ Adam Helweh, Secret Sushi

"If you don't work with Lookahead you're going to lose money." 

~ Artees Vannet, GreySnow


Know your numbers

Knowing your business means knowing your numbers, and you need more than monthly accounting reports.  


We'll review your financials and guide you through your key numbers each month.  We'll also show you how you compare to industry benchmarks, and even interface with your bookkeeper if you'd like.  


Predict your cash

Growing businesses need financial forecasting and cash planning.


Start each month with confidence knowing exactly what your financial outlook will be.


Look ahead up to 2 years on your cash and profit, and feel confident in your day-to-day spending decisions and sales goals.


Increase your profit

Take your growth farther.  From strategic planning to business development, we know how to guide a business to increased profit. 

Look ahead up to 3 years on your profit and loss, cash flow and balance sheet. Get up to 3 forecast scenarios, 2 monthly meetings, and custom KPI and OKR tracking. 


Plus get fractional CFO support from experienced executives.

Think you can't afford us?  You can't not afford us!


New businesses fail within 3 years


Survive when viewing financial statements 1x per year


Survive when viewing financials monthly


Years combined experience of our founders

Not sure where to begin? We're happy to help.



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"We've been able to plan our growth with purpose and confidence like never before."

Adam Helweh
Secret Sushi

How we work and why it's better

Forecasting is part science, part art, and a lot of trade skill.

It's not something you can automate––it requires hands-on work.


Developed from over 60 years of combined experience, our method produces an accurate look ahead at your profit and loss, cash flow AND balance sheet. 


It's structured so you'll know exactly what to expect each month, and flexible to move with your unique business.

1. Explore Options

Are you growth focused and want to expand your business model, finding new opportunities for profit; or are you steady state and want a better look ahead at month-to-month cash?  We help you explore options.

You can also get a system for tracking objectives and measuring key results called OKRs.  We'll help you implement and track it.

2. Meet us!

Our work will be personal so let's see if we're a good match.  We'll learn about the financial systems you use, align on expectations, and show you some examples of our work.


You'll sign up for the service you want after this call. Our plans require a 3 or 6 month minimum commitment, and  there is a 14 day free trial.

3. Kickoff
week 1 - trial

Think of this as a discovery call plus some!  We'll look at your numbers and learn about your business model.  You'll come away knowing what it feels like to work with us, and we'll get what we need to start on your forecast. 


Your first payment is due at the time of this call, and you'll have 1 week to cancel if you change your mind––you won't want to! 

4. Forecast build
month 1

After Kickoff, we start your forecast.  It takes 2 - 3 meetings with your team during the first month to complete the baseline.

We present your baseline forecast at the end of month 1, review your opportunities for profit, and your cash outlook, and set our monthly meeting schedule.

5. Refine Forecast
months 2 - 3

In months 2 - 3 we test your unique forecast model and make adjustments.  Most forecasts take about 3 months to perfect, and they evolve over time.   


We continue to present your profit and cash outlook, but we pay special attention to the business rules and assumptions we use in your forecast model, adjusting them as we see results.

6. Roadmap
months 4 - 6

By month 4 we have a refined forecast model and a roadmap for your business.  Next we dig into your opportunities and business health.  We continue to report on forecast versus actual results, and report on your key performance indicators. 

If you choose the Performance Plan, we implement the OKR system for goal tracking.

7. Insights & Goals
months 7 - 9

We continue to identify unique profit opportunities and help you make spending decisions based on your cash projections.  We report on forecast versus actual results and your key performance indicators.

If you select the Performance Plan, we add OKR progress reporting to our monthly package, and work to help you implement objectives to reach your goals.

8. Manage & Build
months 9+

By now we have a unique rhythm established with your business, and your goals.  We make sure you're planning for tax, and if you need help we connect you with our CPA.

If you're in our Performance Plan we may be working on multiple forecast scenarios by now, and evolving your OKR process.  We are also available for ad hoc management support, and board or stakeholder meetings.

9. Options
Extras you might want

Most clients want extra help along the way, so we offer select add-ons to our well-established clients.

Upgrade your accounting.

Get a full, written business plan.

Optimize your website and digital marketing for engagement and conversion.

Gain the POWER of great advice, the CONFIDENCE in knowing your numbers, and JOY in your success!  

Tell us about your business.

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